People’s feedback matters on the Internet.

With the use of internet now a days people can practically share anything with everyone around the world. from files, to documents, movies, music, videos and everything else that can be found or put on a computer. A website that helps us find and share videos is YouTube. From immature home videos, to video productions and movies posted by record companies; and with these videos, members can like, dislike and even comment on videos and what they think of it. From there people have become very dependent of comments and feedback of what people think of things of themselves and their videos. It has even come to the extant that people post videos of themselves asking the public as to weather they are ugly or pretty. or videos of posting what type of personality they are and if the public would be accepting of who they are. videos of cleavage, and girls exposing their bodies to youtube viewers asking the public to be honest and comment of what they thought of their bodies. It has even come to the extent that people post videos to response of other people’s videos. Believe it or not people take the comments posted on their videos very seriously weather the commenters are joking or being judgmental or even bluntly mean; and it affects the people who post these videos lives and emotions. People shouldn’t post videos of themselves asking for the publics help and comments. I find this quite sad and a scream for attention. If individuals wanted the truth about their physical looks, they should ask those around them. weather it was a friend, family member or even a teacher or a class peer. Everyone should mind their own business and comment about things to themselves. But who m i to say anything. it seems as though the world is changing and everybody’s business is everybody else is business, and with that a new social network has been developed even perhaps a business that people profit from and become famous from.




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