Rate of Aborted Female Fetuses increases in India

Fetuses are being aborted at higher rates in India than ever before, new data from the national census have revealed a ratio of 914 girls for every 1000 boys, embarrassing a government with a nominal commitment to end discrimination against female children. This trend comes against an overall picture painted by the census of considerable progress in the country: Population growth has slowed, with fewer people being added in the past decade than the one previous.

This topic raises serious concerns about infanticide that is occurring in the most populated countries on the planet; India and China. “In 2011, to have sex ratios that are so pathetic – how can you talk about development?” states Ms. Sarojini a leading campaigner on the issue.

The gender selection issues all relate back to the anti-female bias that is rampant in patriarchal societies. Many times when baby girls are born they are forced to suffer neglect and lower education, that sometimes results in murder.

Although the government in India claims to be battling gender selective abortions they could be much more active in taking action against the issue. Gender inequality is still a huge factor in most of the world. Patriarchal societies enforce this and result in the mistreatment of women around the world. We need to fight back against gender inequality and keep the practice of feminism alive.

By: Nicole Johns



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    Apr 03, 2011 @ 23:42:11



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