Progress of Advertising on the Internet

Internet advertising began in 1994, but it was only recently that it reached a booming level. It has now become easier for advertisers to target the certain age groups they are aiming at. For example, placing advertisements on certain websites that are used by specific age groups allows for the target audience to be reached effectively.

The internet is one of the most emerging technologies and at the moment one of the most used by the majority of age groups. Therefore, advertising on the internet has now become much more productive and useful than television and newspaper advertisements, which people don’t have much time to access, watch or read anymore.

The marketplace has now found a new way to make billions of dollars, and that would be by placing advertisements on Youtube, seen as one of the top five most used websites in Canada. While people are browsing through random videos, different advertisements would be popping up on the sidelines of each webpage. Therefore, users cannot help but be exposed to those advertisements as they are right there on the screen.

The internet has now become a more creative way for advertisers to deliver their messages and to sell their products to a larger audience.



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