Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has become a great issue that the world is now facing. Children and mostly teens are being threatened on a daily basis by anonymous people, usually bullies from their high school and are being put to the ground by the mean and ugly words that are being sent to them.

This type of harassment usually occurs through messages that are being sent through the internet, usually by a message on facebook, or an email or even on msn. These bullies help torment other weaker teens and harass them through evil messages such as “everyone hates you” or “I will end your life.”

This cruel behaviour highly affects the teen’s inner feelings, leading some of these students to attempt or even actually commit suicide. Also, sometimes these teens go out of control and commit a mass murder in their high school, thus causing the deaths of many people including those who have hurt them and bullied them.

A question that may be posed by some would be why do some teens do this? The answer is that there are various reasons why some students would do that, usually it is just for entertainment or because they are bored, sometimes it is for revenge, and sometime they do it so as to act like the “tough guy” and therefore increase his/her popularity.

Students need to be educated more about this in schools so as to help prevent it. They need to learn more about the consequences in order to understand what their childish behaviour is leading others to do. They need to learn not to ignore the pain of others, because it might affect the people being bullied as well as the bullies themselves.

Every parent wants to ensure the safety of their child whether it is online or offline. Therefore parents should also contribute in making their children more aware of this violent behaviour.








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