David to the Dentist!

Parents have caught the cutest, funniest, and most embarrassing moments of their children’s lives on camera. When i was a child, my mom brought her camera along everywhere to ensure she would capture every moment of our lives, so that one day in the future we could sit down and watch the moments that made our childhood a blast. These videos were shared to no more than our family, such as my parents, siblings , grandparents and cousins. Now a days, with the updated technology, parents can film their children and family moments and share them with the world on websites such as youtube. It has even come to some extent that parent take advantage of their children’s innocents and cuteness to attract fame into their lives, and get notice from the world. Which i think is something quite degrading.

Although this video is quite funny and adorable, i do object of the father neglecting his son when he is in need of him the most, and taking the time to video tape it, so he can get a few million people watching his video, making him a star in society.  You can see from the video that the child is feeling vulnerable unable to make sense, while his father filming him.[



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