Can having too many friends on Facebook threaten our lives?

Most of us have over five hundred so-called ‘friends’ on Facebook, some of which we don’t even know or probably even talk to, some of which we have met once, or known a long time ago. The obvious question that comes to mind is do we in fact really need to have all these people on our ‘friends’ list?

Preferably not. As most of us tend to post pictures and updates of our daily lives, this can easily become a major threat to our privacy leading to various problems. This easily happens since the facebook network is able to trace your actions. If you simply update your status as “Out of town for the weekend!”, it is a perfect opportunity for someone waiting for your household to be empty in order to raid it for example.

Also, having an overload of ‘friends’ on facebook, some of which you don’t even communicate with is not healthy, as you know that these people are able to view your profile and pictures and maybe save and use your pictures for other purposes.

An interesting article that caught my attention while browsing through the gulf news website that concerned this subject in a way would be the “Trim Your Friend Fat on November 17” article.  In this piece of writing, they referred to getting rid of your facebook friends as though it were a breaking up process with these people.

“Friend Fat” according to this article would refer to people you knew since your childhood but haven’t interacted or talked to in a long period of time, and also those people which add you making you assume that you have met them beforehand, or those people that you have met once in your life and never saw again.

So, for everyone’s own benefit, we should all open up our eyes and get rid of those random people that you do not personally know that well.



Social Media

Although the adoption of social media has been rapid and widespread in Canada, rates of use vary considerably between demographic groups like age and gender.  These demographics highlight interesting statistics about the use of social media in Canada.

Internet use has increased in all categories since 2000, seniors being the fastest growing group of users. A survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that, in December 2008, 75% of adults aged 18 to 24 who used the Internet had a profile on a social network site. This rate was less than 20% among those 45 years of age and older and just 7%

In the next couple years I suspect there will be an increase in the amount of seniors (60+) that use social networking. This is due to a couple of different things. Firstly, seniors are retired and have lots of time to kill, allowing them to spend long periods of time on the internet. Also, finding a old friend from high school can be very rewarding to senior citizens who have lost touch with old friends. Before websites like Facebook finding and communicating with old friends was difficult.

According to Statistics Canada survey results for 2007, an equal proportion of Canadian men and women – just under 75% – had used the Internet in the previous year. However, their patterns are different. Men used the Internet at home more often and for longer periods than women, and earlier data showed that women were more likely than men to use the Internet to communicate with family and friends. Gender differences are also apparent in the use of social media. A 2009 Ipsos Reid survey of Canadians aged 18 and over who go online showed that women (59%) were slightly more likely to have a social network profile than men (52%) and that Facebook was the dominant social networking site among Canadian adults.

In the future I expect that women will account for a vast majority of the online presence. Women are natural communicators and the social media websites offers instant communication. Many women will be empowered by the internet and it will actually assist in promoting gender equality in society. The internet is a vast sea of opportunity for women.

Below is an example of how one Senior citizen uses social media to share her recipes online, her show is entitled “Cooking with Bubbe.”

By: Nicole Johns

Internet replacing Television!

Television channels and news channels have seen a decrease in viewers, every month it seems as though less people are watching television, and are starting to turn their heads towards the Internet. People have come to realize that the entertainment that is provided on Television is now found on the internet for free, with no advertisements, and can be watched when you want. More people are relying to watch their favorite shows and movies on YouTube and other websites that provide that sort of entertainments to the viewers on the Internet. With that Television channels and cable companies are losing money and losing costumers. Not just that but also advertisements agencies are realizing that viewers are not viewing their commercials as much, Meaning they are not profiting from the advertisements they put on Television. For that everyone has started to shift their eye on the internet and how to regain the viewers attention back, as well as their money. One good way that has Brought the attention to the public, is television channels have started to post television shows and movies on their websites for people to view, so that hopefully they will regain their popularity and money from the audience and advertisements company. Television companies are starting to do well again. But not like they use to, maybe someday the television industry will regain its power with new technology, Who knows!



The Myth of Perfection

Barbie, the flawless doll that serves as a beauty icon to most young girls, represents what a woman should symbolize with her every manner.

Barbie embodies the definition of physical perfection, whether it is with her long silky, smooth & blonde hair, or with her big breasts, tiny waist, long legs, or blemish free skin. She represents the eroticization of the female body.

The market and the media have been targeting both young girls, and female adults who still have an obsession and are fantasized with the so called Barbie doll image which is known as the ‘myth of perfection’.

The myth of perfection is what is believed to be the perfect and flawless image portrayed by the media, and which we can see when we look at a Barbie doll, the image of the skinny body, blemish free skin and perfect hair. It tells a woman what she should look like and what she should portray.

This myth of perfection, draws most young girls attention and pulls them towards trying to achieve this “flawless image”, which only a very small percentage of the population can probably attain. Children are being shown this image, and some are even going through depression and are ending up with disorders such as anorexia due to the media’s enforcing messages of having to be perfect, and that perfection is the only definition of beauty.

Young girls should not be exposed to such incorrect information, which might reduce their self-esteem and therefore cause them to go on crazy diets finally reaching a stage where they now have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.

Girls believe that they should be what society expects them to be. Society and the media are only promoting this image in order to sell a product, whether it is facial care products, beauty care products, clothes or diet pills.


The Age of Radical Transparency

The term radical transparency was originally used to refer to corporations and was a management approach in which (ideally) all decision making is carried out publicly. It is now being applied to the Internet.

Behind Facebook’s element of confession is radical transparency. Mark Zuckerburg, inventor of Facebook suggests, “more transparency should make for a more tolerant society in which people eventually accept that everybody sometimes does bad or embarrassing things.” Facebook and other social networking sites have made it the norm in society to open up online or be an outsider. We are moving towards an even more open society with millions of people signing up for Facebook and other social media accounts and sharing photos and personal information online for anyone to see.

The problem with this notion of radical transparency as Dr. Strangelove states, “is that we’re involved in it and corporations are not,” thus, “moving society into an unequal future, where the powerful are becoming increasingly opaque to us.” As the rich and powerful hide behind privacy policies and laws, average people are sharing more and more about themselves; becoming radically transparent online. Thus, giving corporations the ability to profile us based on insight into our lives. This is only making corporations and those in power all the more powerful over the average human being.

David Brin phrases the threat of radical transparency perfectly in his book, The Transparent Society, when he says,”sacrificing anonymity may be the next generation’s price for keeping precious liberty, as prior generations paid in blood.”

By: Nicole Johns

The Turning Point of Car Ads

Car advertisements have changed and evolved over the years, ranging from different stages, such as using men to sell a car, to using the sex appeal of a woman in order to sell a car.

In Advertising, it is much easier to grab the attention of a male viewer than a female viewer. Therefore, by just using a sexy image of a woman’s body, a man can be convinced that if he were to buy the product, in this case the car, he would be able to then have the woman as well.

Probably one of the oldest car advertisements to ever be created, the ford advertisement which was made in 1914, was plain, blunt and simple. An ad which had a drawn picture of the car, and with black and white had the slogan “Buy it because it’s a better car” written. It had no sense of creativity or sexuality to it.

The 1960’s was a turning point for car advertisements. It was where we began to see more desire and affection in the ad’s. The advertisements at that time began to relate buying a car with marriage and love. Therefore this goes back to how the ad’s are used to convince a man that by buying the car he will thus have the woman as well.

Moreover, cars since then have become associated with females, and nowadays we tend to see how the ad’s have vastly become more sexualized and thus portray the eroticization of women.


Making use of the Internet.

Internet has created a new world for us in society. With the access of internet, we don’t just spend time and money on the internet; but now individuals profit from the internet. How? One might ask. By Building your own network or website, depending on the popularity of the website, one might start making money, from either a net income of 500 dollars to around 5 billion dollars. By building your own website, and with an increase of popularity and viewers accessing your website, companies and corporations will come after you and ask if they can post their advertisements on your page for viewers to see. In exchange they will pay you for the space they have used up on your site. If you have not noticed yet, if you go on a known website, like youtube, Facebook, or even perhaps spark notes. on the side of the page, you will find advertisements that other companies put on, for you to be persuaded by, and to look at. The Internet has created and replaces thousands of jobs and career paths. Workers can now make money out of just spending a few hour putting an idea together on a website, and seeing how well it goes. Companies like youTube, and Facebook have made a profitable amounts of money, just from that issue. Youtube was sold to google, for the price of around 1 Billion dollars; and Facebook is worth over 5 Billion dollars. All because internet viewers and users enter these sites everyday, and wasting amounts of time on these websites. attracting marketing companies that want viewers to skim through there advertisements as we spend hours on Facebook and Youtube. A movie that came out not too long ago, and has astonished me with how the world and business has progressed and headed in a different way than how things were being handled 10 years ago. Is a movie called social networking, that is based on a true story about how Facebook was created, and how the owner of the website is making money off of it. I believe that everyone should get a chance to watch this movie, and see where the world is headed and what future we see in our world.


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