Barbie Product Lines

Every woman nowadays has the ability to become the Barbie doll she has always dreamt of being. This is due to the availability of the utensils that can help provide a female with the ‘dolled up’ look emerging from Barbie dolls, to make up, to clothes, to jewellery.

The market has succeeded in making the audience believe that by purchasing their products, such as the Barbie doll lines of either make up, clothing or even shoes. They can get a chance at being the Barbie that they have always wanted to be.

Nowadays even large companies such as the MAC make up company have collaborated with the Mattel company and thus have adopted the icon and symbol of Barbie, the most stylish and iconic doll out there as their new make-up line which was known as the ‘Barbie loves MAC’ collection. Their aim was to get women to buy their products so as to be able to look like the doll they always wanted to be.

Also, in order to carry on with Barbies 50th anniversary, the Mattel company decided to use the beautiful figure of a woman that represents the Barbie doll image, the woman who at the age of 50 still manages to represent the definition of so called “beauty”, Heidi Klum to launch the Barbie clothing line at the Malibu dream house.



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