The banning of YouTube.

For the last several years some countries have had enough with how much freedom, liberty and understanding YouTube has given the public. Because of YouTube the world has now become more aware of each other, its likes, dislikes, stereotypes and even problems. For that reason it has created controversial problems between people, cities, state and even countries.  Several countries have shut down YouTube, and have not allowed access to its public on the website due to escalation of verbal and physical violence that goes on.

Turkey is one of the countries that have banned the YouTube website from its public. Why might you ask ? Well according to the CNN news, turkey banned YouTube, because it was starting a violent conflict between the country and Greece. The public of the two countries escaladed in a violent rampage verbally and physically about how bad each other’s countries are. In order to stop the dispute between the two countries, and find silence in the matter, Turkey decided to recognize where the problem started from and eliminate it. The spark of the problem just so happened to have started on YouTube; and with that Turkey banned the YouTube channel from its country and its people.  Turkey has blocked YouTube since 2007.

Another country that has banned the YouTube website from its people,  is China. For the last several years, China has been going on and off about the YouTube channel. All of which are of different reasons, but the main reason of banning the popular site from its country is due to riots that were occurring in China due to the freedom speech that was provided by YouTube. Though china has removed the blockage of YouTube; like India it is threatening to ban the website, if further escalation occurs in the country.

Several other countries that have also banned YouTube is  due to its offensive material, which goes against the countries nationality, religion, culture and much more. It seems as though there is a country everyday that has had enough of YouTube uploaded videos and the freedom that people get from this website.  There are even some countries that are on the line or boarder that are discussing the issue or are debating to weather keep YouTube accessible to the public, no matter the material. Or to shut it down and keep the population  abiding the law, respecting the country, its heritage and culture, no matter the rules, or what the public thought of it.

A list of countries that have banned YouTube from the public:

Iran, UAE, Morocco, Thailand, Turkey, Iraq, Brazil, Victoria, australia


by: Mayse.


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