Too tuff on Celebrities?

“Leave Britney Alone” was cried by a Gay teen after watching his favourite celebrity icon, Britney Spears, be torn apart in tabloids and the media because of her recent meltdown. The troubled celebrity, Spears is no stranger to the harmful words that come from the media in regards to her many questionable decisions. Once an 18 year old bubble gum pop icon, Spears has become know for her many escapades including: divorcing her husband, shaving her head, attacking a paparazzo with an umbrella, and constantly battling with her weight.

Of course Britney is not the only celebrity attacked by the harsh words of tabloid reporters and TMZ, other stars include Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and Chris Brown. These stars are prone to scandal but it seems like celebs who would rather stay out of the spotlight still fall victim to tabloid gossip.

Its like society views these starlets as a spectacle, and makes them somehow seem more than human. As a human being we make mistakes, have triumphs, gain and lose weight, but we expect to be accepted for it and forgiven for our short-comings. We build celebrities up to be worthy of covering the front of all the magazines and gossip shows but as a society we often forget that they are humans just like us. Its completely reasonable for some stars to want to be left alone and feel they need to attack paparazzi who stand in their way of doing so.

But apparently Britney doesn’t want to be left alone. She’s back with Femme Fatale, yet another album, including the new hit single Hold It Against Me, and will be on tour later this spring and summer. It makes you wonder if she really does want to be treated as a human being or were her lunatic escapades really just pathetic attempts to stay in the spotlight? I feel like its a mix of both. So is society too tough on celebrities remains unanswered, its a mix of yes and no.

By: Nicole Johns


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