The Turning Point of Car Ads

Car advertisements have changed and evolved over the years, ranging from different stages, such as using men to sell a car, to using the sex appeal of a woman in order to sell a car.

In Advertising, it is much easier to grab the attention of a male viewer than a female viewer. Therefore, by just using a sexy image of a woman’s body, a man can be convinced that if he were to buy the product, in this case the car, he would be able to then have the woman as well.

Probably one of the oldest car advertisements to ever be created, the ford advertisement which was made in 1914, was plain, blunt and simple. An ad which had a drawn picture of the car, and with black and white had the slogan “Buy it because it’s a better car” written. It had no sense of creativity or sexuality to it.

The 1960’s was a turning point for car advertisements. It was where we began to see more desire and affection in the ad’s. The advertisements at that time began to relate buying a car with marriage and love. Therefore this goes back to how the ad’s are used to convince a man that by buying the car he will thus have the woman as well.

Moreover, cars since then have become associated with females, and nowadays we tend to see how the ad’s have vastly become more sexualized and thus portray the eroticization of women.



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