The Myth of Perfection

Barbie, the flawless doll that serves as a beauty icon to most young girls, represents what a woman should symbolize with her every manner.

Barbie embodies the definition of physical perfection, whether it is with her long silky, smooth & blonde hair, or with her big breasts, tiny waist, long legs, or blemish free skin. She represents the eroticization of the female body.

The market and the media have been targeting both young girls, and female adults who still have an obsession and are fantasized with the so called Barbie doll image which is known as the ‘myth of perfection’.

The myth of perfection is what is believed to be the perfect and flawless image portrayed by the media, and which we can see when we look at a Barbie doll, the image of the skinny body, blemish free skin and perfect hair. It tells a woman what she should look like and what she should portray.

This myth of perfection, draws most young girls attention and pulls them towards trying to achieve this “flawless image”, which only a very small percentage of the population can probably attain. Children are being shown this image, and some are even going through depression and are ending up with disorders such as anorexia due to the media’s enforcing messages of having to be perfect, and that perfection is the only definition of beauty.

Young girls should not be exposed to such incorrect information, which might reduce their self-esteem and therefore cause them to go on crazy diets finally reaching a stage where they now have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.

Girls believe that they should be what society expects them to be. Society and the media are only promoting this image in order to sell a product, whether it is facial care products, beauty care products, clothes or diet pills.



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