Internet replacing Television!

Television channels and news channels have seen a decrease in viewers, every month it seems as though less people are watching television, and are starting to turn their heads towards the Internet. People have come to realize that the entertainment that is provided on Television is now found on the internet for free, with no advertisements, and can be watched when you want. More people are relying to watch their favorite shows and movies on YouTube and other websites that provide that sort of entertainments to the viewers on the Internet. With that Television channels and cable companies are losing money and losing costumers. Not just that but also advertisements agencies are realizing that viewers are not viewing their commercials as much, Meaning they are not profiting from the advertisements they put on Television. For that everyone has started to shift their eye on the internet and how to regain the viewers attention back, as well as their money. One good way that has Brought the attention to the public, is television channels have started to post television shows and movies on their websites for people to view, so that hopefully they will regain their popularity and money from the audience and advertisements company. Television companies are starting to do well again. But not like they use to, maybe someday the television industry will regain its power with new technology, Who knows!




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