Normative debate

Just last week in one of Dr. Strangelove’s AMAZING classes, he lectured on the issue of  discussions on the internet. Through the last few years discussions forms have changed. Before the creation of YouTube and Facebook, contenders in discussion forms were limited and was not as distributed as it is today. Before the creation of social networking, the only international debate and discussion forms provided for the public was through capitalistic media, where corporations, and government would allow and disapprove any language or literature they felt was unnecessary for the public to hear and so forth. With the Help of YouTube and Facebook, discussion are no longer controlled by anyone, individuals form all around the world get an idea of what is going on with the rest of the world, and develop their own analysis without the influence of anything or anyone. These social networks, have created connections that corporations and government cannot control. For that many countries have band these social networking for the sake of their power. In the Last 2 months, most of the middle East have been dealing with violent protest created by the people due to the influence of Facebook and Youtube. Those who were involved in these


social networking, we’re discussing issues related to the government operations and the wages at work. Most individuals living in the middle east realized they are all dealing with the same problem, without the influence of the government to  scare them off. Individuals felt they had nothing to lose, and together they were all in charge. Normative debate is influenced on who the contenders are, years ago the contenders were controlled by those with power. Now we have more contenders, with no control. Which means the outcome will change, and change is good!








By: Mayse


Korean Game Craze

Many people around the world suffer from an online gaming addiction but in recent years many South Korean people specifically have become addicts. Analysts estimate 1-2 percent of South Korea’s online gamers suffer from addiction. To try and help the government has designed clinics to help cure addicts, and is talking with developers about creating advisory patches to alert gamers to the dangers of heavy play.

These precautionary warnings are necessary after several people have died due to excessive gaming. Obviously there is danger associated with online gaming as it can become addictive leading many people to quit their jobs and or school in order to game more.

It is unclear why there are more people addicted to online gaming in South Korea than in other parts of the world. Some have speculated that it is due to the fact that their culture is very intellectually competitive and that they have faster internet speeds, decreasing lag-time while gaming. Whatever the case it is time for the government to step up their involvement in the problem in hopes of helping the people that are addicted before there is any more casualties.

By: Nicole Johns

Online Discussion Forums

Does the implementation of online discussion forums, for university courses, help in the enhancement of our learning?

Online discussion forums could be of great help for students as this method would be a suitable solution to the problem regarding conflicting schedules of students and professors as well. With an online tool, students of a classroom, specifically large classrooms would be able to efficiently communicate any information regarding their assignments or any information that was discussed in class at their own convenience.  This would also allow the students to input concerns and at the same time receive answers to their questions rapidly.

It is considered to be a quick, easy and fun method, where students can raise and receive questions and answers that concern difficulties that were raised earlier in the classroom; it allowed participants to raise questions they were concerned about in a dynamic and more enthusiastic environment where the students were in control instead of having the professors’ be in control. This process could work on assisting the students in understanding and accepting not only their own concerns and ideas, but also the concerns of other students.

This process might help in the progress of our learning. Students feel more at ease communicating their concerns or opinions with other classmates therefore enabling an active learning environment. Through this tool, students will be able to gather various points of view in order to develop their own.


Models of Advertising

Advertising is a structure with embedded values in it and moreover it functions as a voice of the primary systems. Advertising consists of two general models known as the liberal model and the conservative model.

The conservative model describes the relationship between the advertisement and the customer to be so as like an exchange process of a so-called win-win situation. Individuals give out their time to be engaged in advertising as it is an informational service to us. It creates a flow of information and thus it reports to us and provides us with the information we need to know about the certain products we are interested in purchasing. The conservative model unlike the liberal makes sure we are informed about the product but does not manipulate our decisions as individuals towards whether we will purchase the product or not. In this case advertising agencies are known to be relatively powerless.

On the other hand, the liberal model ranges from advertisement to the other, it works on controlling the general public like puppets and thus works on manipulating individuals decisions on whether to purchase a product or not. According to Freud, ‘we are not masters of our own house, we are influenced by complex things we are not aware of.’ In this case advertising tend to have a privileged status. Thus this demonstrates that we are highly influenced by advertisements.


BMW efficient dynamics

As reported off the BMW’s official website, “BMW Efficient Dynamics concept is shaping the future of driving by reducing fuel consumption and emission levels without affecting driving pleasure. In the latest BMW vehicles, the future has already arrived”.

The concept of “Efficient Dynamics” was revealed during the Frankfurt motor show in the year 2009. Now, this German production is hoping to be on sale in the year 2013. The car will be one that is rechargeable thanks to its lithium ion battery, and it will also be fully constructed of carbon fibre.

BMW integrates aerodynamics within its vehicles, to enhance its idea of efficient dynamics to reduce the wind blocks against the surface of the vehicle allowing for paths and patterns causing less consumption of gas and power.

This product is a great step into the future as our society is now currently facing the gas crisis. All over the word, the prices for gas have become extremely high, just by looking at a regular gas station in Canada we can say that this is evident.

We are now approaching a new generation of cars that are not only helping the environment due to the reduction of fuel consumption and emission of carbon dioxide, but also bringing the world to an edge and helping the world with the evident gas crisis, therefore encouraging people to use less gas. At the same time we are not losing the prestige of driving an elegant sports car with a creatively designed exterior look yet also not losing its speed and swift.



With the success of internet, almost every social activity that can be made face to face, has been created virtually on the internet. From gaming, to dating, to viewing pictures and videos. A few years ago a new form of communication was formed through the internet which is called Chatroulette. This new form of communication is based on a website, which one enters freely, and can chat  to people form all around the world; by instant messaging as well as video calling. Once can talk to people from all over the world, weather it was form Canada, to the middle east even india and china.

Here are a few facts about this website and who exactly is using it:

-About half of all Chatroulette spins connect you with someone in the United States, the second country is France with 15%.
-Of the spin showing a single person; 89% were male and 11% were female.

  • 1 in 8 spins yield something R-rated or worse.
  • You are twice as likely to encounter a sign requesting female nudity than you are to encounter actual female nudity.
  • AGE: of all these people 70% were adults of 21 and 40, almost 20% were of age 20 and below, and only 10% were people aged 40 and up.
  • LOCATION: 47% of Chatroulette participants were from the United States
  • Italy had the highest concentration of solo males at 98%. It also had the highest concentration “Men over 40″ at 13% (more than 3x the US rate of 4%).
  • The US has the highest concentration of groups at 13%, followed by The Netherlands at 9%.
  • Canada had the highest concentration of solo females at 13%, followed by the US at 10%


In Chatroulette, you tend to see R-rated images, that can be repulsing and disgusting. On the website those who qualify to be under perverts are:

  • Those who appear not to  be wearing any clothes
  • Displaying explicit nudity
  • Appear to be committing a lewd act

The Overall pervert rate on Chatroulette is 13%-  with 8% as Female.

I find the website a truly disgusting and despicable thing, It was meant to be a new form for socialization, and somehow ended up being one of the most known websites to enjoy some sex video interactions and pornographic and perverted images and videos.



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