Superhero Nation

Superhero Nation is a Documentary in process that Ian Fischer is directing. Its a great project because we do live in a society that loves superheroes. Superheroes represent the very core of our nation; our morals, beliefs, religion, hopes and dreams. This is evident through popular cultures fixation on superheroes.

There are countless movies about superheroes in which they face challenges and have to save the day. Starting in the 2000’s movies based on superheroes exploded, they became the next big thing and were very successful and profitable at the box office. Some examples are X-Men, Spiderman, Daredevil, Hulk, Catwoman, The Punisher, and Fantastic Four to name a few.

We love superheroes because they present us with possibilities to be more than simply human. To be innately good or bad and have powers beyond the ordinary. They are a part of our culture and always have been. The epic heroes in ancient times were the gods like Zeus and those who served under him. They are beings with extraordinary powers that they must use to save mankind. We believe in them even if they aren’t real.

Superheroes allow us to dream and escape the regular boundaries that we must face as humans. This is why we love them and will always dream of being like them.

By: Nicole Johns


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