Why does American society view small dogs as accessories?

Many animals have been mistreated or neglected but in recent years many people have treated small dogs like they’re accessories. This trend was started by celebrities like Paris Hilton.

When celebrities starting toting around their teacup sized dogs in Louis Vuitton dog carrier bags suddenly everyone had to have one. In a society where everyone is obsessed with celebrities suddenly we were obsessed with their pets as well.

The smaller the dog is the more expensive. They have to be pre-ordered and the dog must stay with with breeder until they are sure it will small enough to fit inside the celeb’s choice designer bag.

The mini size dogs are not only expensive to buy but they are prone to health issues as well. Tiny dogs tend to have liver and bone problems as well as low blood pressure says a veterinarian. They are also very needy.

The sad part of this whole trend is that many people bought pint-sized dogs while they were in style. When they went out of style  they were sent to the pound because to their owners they were only accessories. Not only is this terrible but its animal cruelty. Some people are really too obsessed with celebrity culture.

By: Nicole Johns


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