Drugs in Advertising

Controversy is known to be a major factor in helping to capture the attention of viewers. However, have these ads gone too far?

The presence of drugs has increased in ads which are directed primarily towards the higher elite. Fashion and brand name advertisements are naming their products and portraying them through drugs. One such example is the fragrance and makeup line from the high class brand Dior named “Dior addict” and the perfume by the brand Yves Saint Laurent named “Opium” referring to the opium drug.  Similarly, the Sisley fashion line is portrayed through the slogan we see in the ad ‘fashion junkie’.

These ads are aimed directly towards a specific audience, that of the higher class. They are helping in the promotion of drugs to the elite.

Through the Sisley Campaign, we realize that what is meant by the ad is that women are addicted junkies to brand name clothes.  Therefore, the campaign uses heroin to represent and portray this addiction. As a result, these types of ads are considered to directly influence the vulnerable younger generation that encounters these shocking ads on a daily basis.

This is thus sending an outrageous message to the woman of the world, mainly to the younger generation of females easily influenced by cosmetic frameworks.



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