Models of Advertising

Advertising is a structure with embedded values in it and moreover it functions as a voice of the primary systems. Advertising consists of two general models known as the liberal model and the conservative model.

The conservative model describes the relationship between the advertisement and the customer to be so as like an exchange process of a so-called win-win situation. Individuals give out their time to be engaged in advertising as it is an informational service to us. It creates a flow of information and thus it reports to us and provides us with the information we need to know about the certain products we are interested in purchasing. The conservative model unlike the liberal makes sure we are informed about the product but does not manipulate our decisions as individuals towards whether we will purchase the product or not. In this case advertising agencies are known to be relatively powerless.

On the other hand, the liberal model ranges from advertisement to the other, it works on controlling the general public like puppets and thus works on manipulating individuals decisions on whether to purchase a product or not. According to Freud, ‘we are not masters of our own house, we are influenced by complex things we are not aware of.’ In this case advertising tend to have a privileged status. Thus this demonstrates that we are highly influenced by advertisements.



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