Korean Game Craze

Many people around the world suffer from an online gaming addiction but in recent years many South Korean people specifically have become addicts. Analysts estimate 1-2 percent of South Korea’s online gamers suffer from addiction. To try and help the government has designed clinics to help cure addicts, and is talking with developers about creating advisory patches to alert gamers to the dangers of heavy play.

These precautionary warnings are necessary after several people have died due to excessive gaming. Obviously there is danger associated with online gaming as it can become addictive leading many people to quit their jobs and or school in order to game more.

It is unclear why there are more people addicted to online gaming in South Korea than in other parts of the world. Some have speculated that it is due to the fact that their culture is very intellectually competitive and that they have faster internet speeds, decreasing lag-time while gaming. Whatever the case it is time for the government to step up their involvement in the problem in hopes of helping the people that are addicted before there is any more casualties.

By: Nicole Johns


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