Normative debate

Just last week in one of Dr. Strangelove’s AMAZING classes, he lectured on the issue of  discussions on the internet. Through the last few years discussions forms have changed. Before the creation of YouTube and Facebook, contenders in discussion forms were limited and was not as distributed as it is today. Before the creation of social networking, the only international debate and discussion forms provided for the public was through capitalistic media, where corporations, and government would allow and disapprove any language or literature they felt was unnecessary for the public to hear and so forth. With the Help of YouTube and Facebook, discussion are no longer controlled by anyone, individuals form all around the world get an idea of what is going on with the rest of the world, and develop their own analysis without the influence of anything or anyone. These social networks, have created connections that corporations and government cannot control. For that many countries have band these social networking for the sake of their power. In the Last 2 months, most of the middle East have been dealing with violent protest created by the people due to the influence of Facebook and Youtube. Those who were involved in these


social networking, we’re discussing issues related to the government operations and the wages at work. Most individuals living in the middle east realized they are all dealing with the same problem, without the influence of the government to  scare them off. Individuals felt they had nothing to lose, and together they were all in charge. Normative debate is influenced on who the contenders are, years ago the contenders were controlled by those with power. Now we have more contenders, with no control. Which means the outcome will change, and change is good!








By: Mayse


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