Not Winning

Popular culture seems to have an innate obsession with ‘screw-ups.’ Take for instance Charlie Sheen (actor) most known for his role as ‘Charlie Harper’ on the television sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Charlie’s personal life has been an up hill battle because of his hard partying ways. His personal life includes being married three times, having five children, shooting a fiancee in the arm, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, criminal mischief, and rehab too name a few things.

After recently being a topic of tabloid scandal, being fired from the popular sitcom Two and a Half Men, and coining the phrase ‘winning,’ Sheen announced a nation wide tour called, “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option.” Not only were people dying to see his show but the tour sold in 18 minutes, a TicketMaster record. On opening night “Charlie Sheen was heckled, booed and eventually abandoned by the crowd at his inaugural stage show, with many of the audience members chanting “refund” and heading for the exits even before the show abruptly ended, says Mike Householder and Jeff Karoub in an article for the Globe and Mail.”

Maybe some people have finally come to their senses and realized Sheen is no more than a pathologic screwup/drug addict that should not be glorified. It makes no sense why people would be willing to spend their hard earned money to go see this man when he is definitely, ‘not winning.’ I don’t support the choices Sheen has made and hope he is given help instead of glory for his actions.

By: Nicole Johns



the effect of Television to our children.

did you know that 99% of household possess at least one television, and the average U.S household has around 2.24 television sets. according to the A.C Nielsen Co. the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day; thats 28 hours a week, or 2 months of non stop TV watching per year. Meaning if a person was to live till the age of 65, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the Television. Researchers for years have studied and demonstrated that long hours spent on television can lead to serious health consequences. People have become addicted to television, and the American medical community has voiced its concern on this issue.

the average child will watch 8,000 murders on television before finishing elementary school, and by the age of 18, the child would have seen 200,000 acts of violence including 40,000 murders on television. With that, the parents are spending less time with their children. Parents these days spend no more than 3 hours with their children a week. Where as children watch over 1680 hours a week. Could it be that television is replacing parenthood? or day care? It has been proven by the A.C Nielson, 70 percent of daycare’s use television to educate or to keep children busy.

Television, is taking over our lives and our spare time. Technology and corporations are becoming manipulating, leading towards a more aggressive and inpatient and less educated generation. over 35 billion dollars are spread on advertisement with channels devoting almost 40 percent of there television time on advertising.

We have undoubtedly become a visual society, and this is likely due to television. In his book, The Empire of Mind, Strangelove states, “Being so entrenched in the visual logic of television we have dismissed words, particularly the humble speech of the unwashed masses as being of no import.” We have no time for spoken interaction, or quality time: only time to watch murders and commercials: sit and stare with glazed over eyes.


By: Mayse

Arab World Gone Wild

Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!

From Tunisia to Egypt to Libya to Bahrain to Syria and the list goes on. The people of these Arab nations have finally found the courage to revolt against their political rulers demanding for reforms and acknowledgement of their basic fundamental rights for which they have been denied.

The protests first began in Tunisia due to high rates of unemployment, government corruption and dictatorship. Their success to rid their countries of these corrupt rulers is what triggered the rest of the Arab world towards trying to achieve the same goal as well due to suffering from similar issues.

In Egypt, the 25th of January 2011 is now considered to be a memorable day, as it is the day in which their protests began leading to the oust of their president Hosni Mubarak of nearly three decades to resign on the 11th of February 2011.

What played a role and helped in the organization of these events was the use of social media, notably Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube to help spread the message. Facebook was thus used in order to plan and schedule the protests. Whereas Twitter was used in order to help synchronize between the people for them to effectively communicate amongst each other. YouTube was and remains and outstanding tool to spread the message to the rest of the world in times where the Media lacks to portray the truth behind the uprisings as well as footage banned from the public. Social media became such a powerful mechanism that in certain countries such as Egypt, officials cut off all Internet access in order to halt the spread of uprisings. As a result, social media was dubbed the primary tool for voices to be heard worldwide.