Online Discussion Forums

Does the implementation of online discussion forums, for university courses, help in the enhancement of our learning?

Online discussion forums could be of great help for students as this method would be a suitable solution to the problem regarding conflicting schedules of students and professors as well. With an online tool, students of a classroom, specifically large classrooms would be able to efficiently communicate any information regarding their assignments or any information that was discussed in class at their own convenience.  This would also allow the students to input concerns and at the same time receive answers to their questions rapidly.

It is considered to be a quick, easy and fun method, where students can raise and receive questions and answers that concern difficulties that were raised earlier in the classroom; it allowed participants to raise questions they were concerned about in a dynamic and more enthusiastic environment where the students were in control instead of having the professors’ be in control. This process could work on assisting the students in understanding and accepting not only their own concerns and ideas, but also the concerns of other students.

This process might help in the progress of our learning. Students feel more at ease communicating their concerns or opinions with other classmates therefore enabling an active learning environment. Through this tool, students will be able to gather various points of view in order to develop their own.