Arab World Gone Wild

Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!

From Tunisia to Egypt to Libya to Bahrain to Syria and the list goes on. The people of these Arab nations have finally found the courage to revolt against their political rulers demanding for reforms and acknowledgement of their basic fundamental rights for which they have been denied.

The protests first began in Tunisia due to high rates of unemployment, government corruption and dictatorship. Their success to rid their countries of these corrupt rulers is what triggered the rest of the Arab world towards trying to achieve the same goal as well due to suffering from similar issues.

In Egypt, the 25th of January 2011 is now considered to be a memorable day, as it is the day in which their protests began leading to the oust of their president Hosni Mubarak of nearly three decades to resign on the 11th of February 2011.

What played a role and helped in the organization of these events was the use of social media, notably Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube to help spread the message. Facebook was thus used in order to plan and schedule the protests. Whereas Twitter was used in order to help synchronize between the people for them to effectively communicate amongst each other. YouTube was and remains and outstanding tool to spread the message to the rest of the world in times where the Media lacks to portray the truth behind the uprisings as well as footage banned from the public. Social media became such a powerful mechanism that in certain countries such as Egypt, officials cut off all Internet access in order to halt the spread of uprisings. As a result, social media was dubbed the primary tool for voices to be heard worldwide.



Celebraties on the Internet

Almost 60 years ago, Famous people such as actors and performers where able to keep their fame, and personal lives separate. Their secrets and activities, were not exposed publicly and the actors themselves had control over what the world saw them as. At this day in age, famous people can no longer control what they want to show the public. With all the easy access to television and internet; you can now find out almost everything about these pop artist and famous actors. With the paparazzi and detectives that    fallow these people all around and post these pictures and videos online to viewers in order to make money;  Famous people no longer have lives of their own. They start to live the life the public wants them to live. When we ask for Britney spears to go to jail, or start drugs, we find that picture, that video or even that statement where she said jail or drugs and we emphasis that matter, and make it breaking news for the public to see. All these lies are written about all these famous people and are posted on the internet for viewers to judge on it and comment as to what they want to see more of; or what changes they want to see. And believe it or not. These changes happen so suddenly, and the lives of these actors and performers become a big gambling game that the public plays on them just to make themselves happy. We the public control these famous people and we tell them what we want to see.

Now the public can put and upload any file or video of themselves to make them who they want to be. Everyone exposes the good side of themselves, and shows the parts they want the world to see. But keep hidden dirty little secrets or defects everyone has in their lives. Giving us the feeling of a perfect life online. Being who you truly want to be. The internet has played the reverse cycle on society in comparison to how things were running 60 years ago. No longer do the actors control their lives, and the lives of society. But now we. the public, have control of these famous people, and our lives.

By: Mayse