Arab World Gone Wild

Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!

From Tunisia to Egypt to Libya to Bahrain to Syria and the list goes on. The people of these Arab nations have finally found the courage to revolt against their political rulers demanding for reforms and acknowledgement of their basic fundamental rights for which they have been denied.

The protests first began in Tunisia due to high rates of unemployment, government corruption and dictatorship. Their success to rid their countries of these corrupt rulers is what triggered the rest of the Arab world towards trying to achieve the same goal as well due to suffering from similar issues.

In Egypt, the 25th of January 2011 is now considered to be a memorable day, as it is the day in which their protests began leading to the oust of their president Hosni Mubarak of nearly three decades to resign on the 11th of February 2011.

What played a role and helped in the organization of these events was the use of social media, notably Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube to help spread the message. Facebook was thus used in order to plan and schedule the protests. Whereas Twitter was used in order to help synchronize between the people for them to effectively communicate amongst each other. YouTube was and remains and outstanding tool to spread the message to the rest of the world in times where the Media lacks to portray the truth behind the uprisings as well as footage banned from the public. Social media became such a powerful mechanism that in certain countries such as Egypt, officials cut off all Internet access in order to halt the spread of uprisings. As a result, social media was dubbed the primary tool for voices to be heard worldwide.




Before the creation of Youtube, it seems as though people lived in a very stereotypical life. By that I mean individuals who were not brought up in a diversified area, where very racist and stereotypical of other people and of other race. With YouTube and other social networking, the world has become closer together. Understanding each other, from culture to religion to tradition. No longer do people judge without reason, because all is found on the internet especially on youtube. People see the suffering of both sides and are now opening their eyes to a more peaceful manner and have become more accepting and more rational of what is going on in the middle east and over seas. There are many  international films that have been made to show the indifference in societies, and cultures; to show the stories of both sides. But at times it would never reach North America or other modern country, So these countries maintain the same type of criticism based on what the locals think and say.  With youtube now, everything thing can be posted for the entire world to see and judge from themselves. There are different international films as well as documentaries that show both side of the tale and discuss issues form all perspective so that you can make a decision on your own, not from your government or those around you.

This video shows how Muslim forerunners deal with their lives everyday in America, and how hard it is to have to stand up and face everyday criticism, judging and racial comments about their religion and country. This video explores both sides of a story, and tells you that one must not judge immediately but must see both sides to every story. The Video talks about a debate that is being held in a university lecture. the debate is about terrorism and what is truly terrorism. The reasons behind every action and every statement. How each side thinks from an American perspective and a Muslim immigrant perspective. The Video comes to an end showing that All Muslims are not terrorist, that there are extremist from each side, and that the bombing that is accruing over seas is due to reasons, that the public must search about and learn more about in order to change the world and make a difference.