Normative debate

Just last week in one of Dr. Strangelove’s AMAZING classes, he lectured on the issue of  discussions on the internet. Through the last few years discussions forms have changed. Before the creation of YouTube and Facebook, contenders in discussion forms were limited and was not as distributed as it is today. Before the creation of social networking, the only international debate and discussion forms provided for the public was through capitalistic media, where corporations, and government would allow and disapprove any language or literature they felt was unnecessary for the public to hear and so forth. With the Help of YouTube and Facebook, discussion are no longer controlled by anyone, individuals form all around the world get an idea of what is going on with the rest of the world, and develop their own analysis without the influence of anything or anyone. These social networks, have created connections that corporations and government cannot control. For that many countries have band these social networking for the sake of their power. In the Last 2 months, most of the middle East have been dealing with violent protest created by the people due to the influence of Facebook and Youtube. Those who were involved in these


social networking, we’re discussing issues related to the government operations and the wages at work. Most individuals living in the middle east realized they are all dealing with the same problem, without the influence of the government to  scare them off. Individuals felt they had nothing to lose, and together they were all in charge. Normative debate is influenced on who the contenders are, years ago the contenders were controlled by those with power. Now we have more contenders, with no control. Which means the outcome will change, and change is good!








By: Mayse


Social Media

Although the adoption of social media has been rapid and widespread in Canada, rates of use vary considerably between demographic groups like age and gender.  These demographics highlight interesting statistics about the use of social media in Canada.

Internet use has increased in all categories since 2000, seniors being the fastest growing group of users. A survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that, in December 2008, 75% of adults aged 18 to 24 who used the Internet had a profile on a social network site. This rate was less than 20% among those 45 years of age and older and just 7%

In the next couple years I suspect there will be an increase in the amount of seniors (60+) that use social networking. This is due to a couple of different things. Firstly, seniors are retired and have lots of time to kill, allowing them to spend long periods of time on the internet. Also, finding a old friend from high school can be very rewarding to senior citizens who have lost touch with old friends. Before websites like Facebook finding and communicating with old friends was difficult.

According to Statistics Canada survey results for 2007, an equal proportion of Canadian men and women – just under 75% – had used the Internet in the previous year. However, their patterns are different. Men used the Internet at home more often and for longer periods than women, and earlier data showed that women were more likely than men to use the Internet to communicate with family and friends. Gender differences are also apparent in the use of social media. A 2009 Ipsos Reid survey of Canadians aged 18 and over who go online showed that women (59%) were slightly more likely to have a social network profile than men (52%) and that Facebook was the dominant social networking site among Canadian adults.

In the future I expect that women will account for a vast majority of the online presence. Women are natural communicators and the social media websites offers instant communication. Many women will be empowered by the internet and it will actually assist in promoting gender equality in society. The internet is a vast sea of opportunity for women.

Below is an example of how one Senior citizen uses social media to share her recipes online, her show is entitled “Cooking with Bubbe.”

By: Nicole Johns

Making use of the Internet.

Internet has created a new world for us in society. With the access of internet, we don’t just spend time and money on the internet; but now individuals profit from the internet. How? One might ask. By Building your own network or website, depending on the popularity of the website, one might start making money, from either a net income of 500 dollars to around 5 billion dollars. By building your own website, and with an increase of popularity and viewers accessing your website, companies and corporations will come after you and ask if they can post their advertisements on your page for viewers to see. In exchange they will pay you for the space they have used up on your site. If you have not noticed yet, if you go on a known website, like youtube, Facebook, or even perhaps spark notes. on the side of the page, you will find advertisements that other companies put on, for you to be persuaded by, and to look at. The Internet has created and replaces thousands of jobs and career paths. Workers can now make money out of just spending a few hour putting an idea together on a website, and seeing how well it goes. Companies like youTube, and Facebook have made a profitable amounts of money, just from that issue. Youtube was sold to google, for the price of around 1 Billion dollars; and Facebook is worth over 5 Billion dollars. All because internet viewers and users enter these sites everyday, and wasting amounts of time on these websites. attracting marketing companies that want viewers to skim through there advertisements as we spend hours on Facebook and Youtube. A movie that came out not too long ago, and has astonished me with how the world and business has progressed and headed in a different way than how things were being handled 10 years ago. Is a movie called social networking, that is based on a true story about how Facebook was created, and how the owner of the website is making money off of it. I believe that everyone should get a chance to watch this movie, and see where the world is headed and what future we see in our world.