The banning of YouTube.

For the last several years some countries have had enough with how much freedom, liberty and understanding YouTube has given the public. Because of YouTube the world has now become more aware of each other, its likes, dislikes, stereotypes and even problems. For that reason it has created controversial problems between people, cities, state and even countries.  Several countries have shut down YouTube, and have not allowed access to its public on the website due to escalation of verbal and physical violence that goes on.

Turkey is one of the countries that have banned the YouTube website from its public. Why might you ask ? Well according to the CNN news, turkey banned YouTube, because it was starting a violent conflict between the country and Greece. The public of the two countries escaladed in a violent rampage verbally and physically about how bad each other’s countries are. In order to stop the dispute between the two countries, and find silence in the matter, Turkey decided to recognize where the problem started from and eliminate it. The spark of the problem just so happened to have started on YouTube; and with that Turkey banned the YouTube channel from its country and its people.  Turkey has blocked YouTube since 2007.

Another country that has banned the YouTube website from its people,  is China. For the last several years, China has been going on and off about the YouTube channel. All of which are of different reasons, but the main reason of banning the popular site from its country is due to riots that were occurring in China due to the freedom speech that was provided by YouTube. Though china has removed the blockage of YouTube; like India it is threatening to ban the website, if further escalation occurs in the country.

Several other countries that have also banned YouTube is  due to its offensive material, which goes against the countries nationality, religion, culture and much more. It seems as though there is a country everyday that has had enough of YouTube uploaded videos and the freedom that people get from this website.  There are even some countries that are on the line or boarder that are discussing the issue or are debating to weather keep YouTube accessible to the public, no matter the material. Or to shut it down and keep the population  abiding the law, respecting the country, its heritage and culture, no matter the rules, or what the public thought of it.

A list of countries that have banned YouTube from the public:

Iran, UAE, Morocco, Thailand, Turkey, Iraq, Brazil, Victoria, australia


by: Mayse.


Entertainment from illness

In the past decade television programs that feature  mental illness have hit an all time high. Society has become fascinated with shows like Hoarders, Dexter, My Strange Addiction, United States of Tara, and CSI.

In the past people suffering from mental illnesses were hidden behind the walls of institutions but now more than ever people with mental illnesses are portrayed in our favourite television shows. So why the sudden shift in pop culture towards hollywoods and reality tv portrayals of people suffering with mental illness? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that more than one-fourth of Americans, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder every year.

There are so many sufferers of mental illnesses and so many kinds like: anxiety, depression, addiction disorder, personality disorders, and eating disorders to name a few. Maybe due to the large number of people  suffering from mental illness they want to see it being portrayed in popular culture as normal, understandable and acceptable because of the stigma attached to it.

Also, there is so little known about they metal inflictions that our society has turned to television shows to get a sneak peak of what its like to be a ‘hoarder’ for instance.  This has to do with the fact that as a society we are obsessed with voyeurism– which is the act of deriving pleasure from watching another person.

As a culture obsessed with seeing into the lives of others, known as ‘peep culture,’ these kinds of shows will not disappear any time soon. They will continue with their popularity, until the topic of mental illness is exhausted and society becomes bored.

This clip from YouTube takes a look into the life of a Hoarder.

By: Nicole Johns

David to the Dentist!

Parents have caught the cutest, funniest, and most embarrassing moments of their children’s lives on camera. When i was a child, my mom brought her camera along everywhere to ensure she would capture every moment of our lives, so that one day in the future we could sit down and watch the moments that made our childhood a blast. These videos were shared to no more than our family, such as my parents, siblings , grandparents and cousins. Now a days, with the updated technology, parents can film their children and family moments and share them with the world on websites such as youtube. It has even come to some extent that parent take advantage of their children’s innocents and cuteness to attract fame into their lives, and get notice from the world. Which i think is something quite degrading.

Although this video is quite funny and adorable, i do object of the father neglecting his son when he is in need of him the most, and taking the time to video tape it, so he can get a few million people watching his video, making him a star in society.  You can see from the video that the child is feeling vulnerable unable to make sense, while his father filming him.[


People’s feedback matters on the Internet.

With the use of internet now a days people can practically share anything with everyone around the world. from files, to documents, movies, music, videos and everything else that can be found or put on a computer. A website that helps us find and share videos is YouTube. From immature home videos, to video productions and movies posted by record companies; and with these videos, members can like, dislike and even comment on videos and what they think of it. From there people have become very dependent of comments and feedback of what people think of things of themselves and their videos. It has even come to the extant that people post videos of themselves asking the public as to weather they are ugly or pretty. or videos of posting what type of personality they are and if the public would be accepting of who they are. videos of cleavage, and girls exposing their bodies to youtube viewers asking the public to be honest and comment of what they thought of their bodies. It has even come to the extent that people post videos to response of other people’s videos. Believe it or not people take the comments posted on their videos very seriously weather the commenters are joking or being judgmental or even bluntly mean; and it affects the people who post these videos lives and emotions. People shouldn’t post videos of themselves asking for the publics help and comments. I find this quite sad and a scream for attention. If individuals wanted the truth about their physical looks, they should ask those around them. weather it was a friend, family member or even a teacher or a class peer. Everyone should mind their own business and comment about things to themselves. But who m i to say anything. it seems as though the world is changing and everybody’s business is everybody else is business, and with that a new social network has been developed even perhaps a business that people profit from and become famous from.




Before the creation of Youtube, it seems as though people lived in a very stereotypical life. By that I mean individuals who were not brought up in a diversified area, where very racist and stereotypical of other people and of other race. With YouTube and other social networking, the world has become closer together. Understanding each other, from culture to religion to tradition. No longer do people judge without reason, because all is found on the internet especially on youtube. People see the suffering of both sides and are now opening their eyes to a more peaceful manner and have become more accepting and more rational of what is going on in the middle east and over seas. There are many  international films that have been made to show the indifference in societies, and cultures; to show the stories of both sides. But at times it would never reach North America or other modern country, So these countries maintain the same type of criticism based on what the locals think and say.  With youtube now, everything thing can be posted for the entire world to see and judge from themselves. There are different international films as well as documentaries that show both side of the tale and discuss issues form all perspective so that you can make a decision on your own, not from your government or those around you.

This video shows how Muslim forerunners deal with their lives everyday in America, and how hard it is to have to stand up and face everyday criticism, judging and racial comments about their religion and country. This video explores both sides of a story, and tells you that one must not judge immediately but must see both sides to every story. The Video talks about a debate that is being held in a university lecture. the debate is about terrorism and what is truly terrorism. The reasons behind every action and every statement. How each side thinks from an American perspective and a Muslim immigrant perspective. The Video comes to an end showing that All Muslims are not terrorist, that there are extremist from each side, and that the bombing that is accruing over seas is due to reasons, that the public must search about and learn more about in order to change the world and make a difference.