BMW efficient dynamics

As reported off the BMW’s official website, “BMW Efficient Dynamics concept is shaping the future of driving by reducing fuel consumption and emission levels without affecting driving pleasure. In the latest BMW vehicles, the future has already arrived”.

The concept of “Efficient Dynamics” was revealed during the Frankfurt motor show in the year 2009. Now, this German production is hoping to be on sale in the year 2013. The car will be one that is rechargeable thanks to its lithium ion battery, and it will also be fully constructed of carbon fibre.

BMW integrates aerodynamics within its vehicles, to enhance its idea of efficient dynamics to reduce the wind blocks against the surface of the vehicle allowing for paths and patterns causing less consumption of gas and power.

This product is a great step into the future as our society is now currently facing the gas crisis. All over the word, the prices for gas have become extremely high, just by looking at a regular gas station in Canada we can say that this is evident.

We are now approaching a new generation of cars that are not only helping the environment due to the reduction of fuel consumption and emission of carbon dioxide, but also bringing the world to an edge and helping the world with the evident gas crisis, therefore encouraging people to use less gas. At the same time we are not losing the prestige of driving an elegant sports car with a creatively designed exterior look yet also not losing its speed and swift.




With the success of internet, almost every social activity that can be made face to face, has been created virtually on the internet. From gaming, to dating, to viewing pictures and videos. A few years ago a new form of communication was formed through the internet which is called Chatroulette. This new form of communication is based on a website, which one enters freely, and can chat  to people form all around the world; by instant messaging as well as video calling. Once can talk to people from all over the world, weather it was form Canada, to the middle east even india and china.

Here are a few facts about this website and who exactly is using it:

-About half of all Chatroulette spins connect you with someone in the United States, the second country is France with 15%.
-Of the spin showing a single person; 89% were male and 11% were female.

  • 1 in 8 spins yield something R-rated or worse.
  • You are twice as likely to encounter a sign requesting female nudity than you are to encounter actual female nudity.
  • AGE: of all these people 70% were adults of 21 and 40, almost 20% were of age 20 and below, and only 10% were people aged 40 and up.
  • LOCATION: 47% of Chatroulette participants were from the United States
  • Italy had the highest concentration of solo males at 98%. It also had the highest concentration “Men over 40″ at 13% (more than 3x the US rate of 4%).
  • The US has the highest concentration of groups at 13%, followed by The Netherlands at 9%.
  • Canada had the highest concentration of solo females at 13%, followed by the US at 10%


In Chatroulette, you tend to see R-rated images, that can be repulsing and disgusting. On the website those who qualify to be under perverts are:

  • Those who appear not to  be wearing any clothes
  • Displaying explicit nudity
  • Appear to be committing a lewd act

The Overall pervert rate on Chatroulette is 13%-  with 8% as Female.

I find the website a truly disgusting and despicable thing, It was meant to be a new form for socialization, and somehow ended up being one of the most known websites to enjoy some sex video interactions and pornographic and perverted images and videos.



Drugs in Advertising

Controversy is known to be a major factor in helping to capture the attention of viewers. However, have these ads gone too far?

The presence of drugs has increased in ads which are directed primarily towards the higher elite. Fashion and brand name advertisements are naming their products and portraying them through drugs. One such example is the fragrance and makeup line from the high class brand Dior named “Dior addict” and the perfume by the brand Yves Saint Laurent named “Opium” referring to the opium drug.  Similarly, the Sisley fashion line is portrayed through the slogan we see in the ad ‘fashion junkie’.

These ads are aimed directly towards a specific audience, that of the higher class. They are helping in the promotion of drugs to the elite.

Through the Sisley Campaign, we realize that what is meant by the ad is that women are addicted junkies to brand name clothes.  Therefore, the campaign uses heroin to represent and portray this addiction. As a result, these types of ads are considered to directly influence the vulnerable younger generation that encounters these shocking ads on a daily basis.

This is thus sending an outrageous message to the woman of the world, mainly to the younger generation of females easily influenced by cosmetic frameworks.


Why does American society view small dogs as accessories?

Many animals have been mistreated or neglected but in recent years many people have treated small dogs like they’re accessories. This trend was started by celebrities like Paris Hilton.

When celebrities starting toting around their teacup sized dogs in Louis Vuitton dog carrier bags suddenly everyone had to have one. In a society where everyone is obsessed with celebrities suddenly we were obsessed with their pets as well.

The smaller the dog is the more expensive. They have to be pre-ordered and the dog must stay with with breeder until they are sure it will small enough to fit inside the celeb’s choice designer bag.

The mini size dogs are not only expensive to buy but they are prone to health issues as well. Tiny dogs tend to have liver and bone problems as well as low blood pressure says a veterinarian. They are also very needy.

The sad part of this whole trend is that many people bought pint-sized dogs while they were in style. When they went out of style  they were sent to the pound because to their owners they were only accessories. Not only is this terrible but its animal cruelty. Some people are really too obsessed with celebrity culture.

By: Nicole Johns

The Glass Ceiling Effect

Recently an article in the Globe and Mail caught my attention. The article is called “Top jobs remain out of reach for women in banking,” and its written by Janet McFarland. The article describes how Canada has never had a woman at the head of one of the country’s big five largest banks.

Even though the banking sector has made big push for diversity over the past decade and has launched programs to hire and promote women and minorities in management ranks. Those programs have helped swell the numbers of women in middle-management tiers, but not at the executive level.

The whole article made me think of the glass ceiling effect and how it still holds true for women today. The glass ceiling effect is when the advancement of a qualified person within the hierarchy of an organization is stopped at a lower level because of some form of discrimination, most commonly sexism or racism. The fact is we live in a patriarchal dominated society where women are subject to a disproportionate amount of violence, sexism, and lower paying jobs.

I have often thought that men and women are now equal in Canadian society but it’s concrete evidence like this article that makes me snap out of it. As a woman in this generation I am always going to have to work harder than a man would to get the same levels of success.

In the article Prof. Dart argues, “We still have this crusty old structure where men promote men they know…It’s that kind of network which really makes it so difficult for women to make it all the way to top – I’m convinced of that.”

Even though women now out graduate men in academic institutions the fight for gender equality is not over, nor will it be for years to come.

By: Nicole johns

Celebraties on the Internet

Almost 60 years ago, Famous people such as actors and performers where able to keep their fame, and personal lives separate. Their secrets and activities, were not exposed publicly and the actors themselves had control over what the world saw them as. At this day in age, famous people can no longer control what they want to show the public. With all the easy access to television and internet; you can now find out almost everything about these pop artist and famous actors. With the paparazzi and detectives that    fallow these people all around and post these pictures and videos online to viewers in order to make money;  Famous people no longer have lives of their own. They start to live the life the public wants them to live. When we ask for Britney spears to go to jail, or start drugs, we find that picture, that video or even that statement where she said jail or drugs and we emphasis that matter, and make it breaking news for the public to see. All these lies are written about all these famous people and are posted on the internet for viewers to judge on it and comment as to what they want to see more of; or what changes they want to see. And believe it or not. These changes happen so suddenly, and the lives of these actors and performers become a big gambling game that the public plays on them just to make themselves happy. We the public control these famous people and we tell them what we want to see.

Now the public can put and upload any file or video of themselves to make them who they want to be. Everyone exposes the good side of themselves, and shows the parts they want the world to see. But keep hidden dirty little secrets or defects everyone has in their lives. Giving us the feeling of a perfect life online. Being who you truly want to be. The internet has played the reverse cycle on society in comparison to how things were running 60 years ago. No longer do the actors control their lives, and the lives of society. But now we. the public, have control of these famous people, and our lives.

By: Mayse

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